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In the Classroom


Taking a walk in your shoes...


Education has evolved and the terminology and systems many of us experienced as children are no longer experienced by our children today. 

In speaking to your child's teacher you may be left feeling confused and lost as you are bombarded with the latest educational buzz words such as: neurodiversity, student agency, student enquirer, synchronous and asynchronous learning, design thinking and many, many more.


What can often be forgotten by educators when communicating with parents is that teachers typically spend 3 to 4 years training at undergraduate and postgraduate level before they are given responsibility for a class of students. After that, they take part in ongoing professional development where continual updates are made to their teacher practice. As most parents do not have this background, they can often be left confused and feeling insecure when attempting to support their children based on their teacher's feedback. 

Here at Primary Colours ABC one of our key aims is to communicate with parents and children in language that is simple to understand, leaving everyone feeling confident and with a clear understanding of the next steps needed to support individual growth and development. 

James Arthur 

Founder of Primary Colours ABC

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