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Community Support
Technology Enhanced Learning for Everyone and Anyone 

What We Do


We are working to build a non-internet reliant library of educational, multimedia content, supporting children of all ages. This content can then be freely and independently used to support formal education as well as natural curiosity.


As funding for this project is raised through our 'Community Kitchen' venture it means we can offer the service for free to anyone with a device which holds a memory card.​ Where needed we provide, or heavily subsidise, devices and memory cards as much as possible. As the content is multimedia based a large portion is accessible for all children, regardless of reading ability. Additionally, there is a selection of material that can be used to support those with visual or hearing impairments.


We are using the official national curriculum as a foundation to organise the library of digital content. This is to ensure learning taking place is relevant and helpful to the users' formal educational experience. We are also sourcing educational content that is contextually appropriate wherever possible so that language and examples used are meaningful and applicable

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