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It's really grateful to have you James thru this teaching project.

Thank you so very much the support you put in for helping our children stay connected to school or studying. This has really helped me and simplified my teaching at home for with the videos you gave us, thru them my 6yr old has learnt to read so well which gives me joy as a mother.

Thank you so much





The kids are very excited with listening  to the stories, and they have learnt to follow the 

sequence of the stories. The kids can draw the story characters and setting using their imagination. They loved all but the BFG most and decided to act it out. One of the parents said that her children have started to use English at home and correct each other for the right pronunciation of the words. Also  another one said one of her boys has started to draw most of the time, which has helped her pencil grip. (fine  motor skills).

The kids have flexible schedules depending on the chores at home and they learn at their own pace but achieve the same goal.  They have a choice to do work in their own way.
Learning has helped them with free communication and confidence (say whatever you want and feel free, we are here to learn). 





"Mr James I'm thankful for the study videos and exercises for my daughters that's Stella and Josephine. Josephine has improved in grammar, maths and she's now trying to read. Stella has picked up so much in social studies and science as well as grammar too. 

Mr James you are so amazing. Thanks so much."

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